Marriage Or Prostitution

Marriage Or Prostitution

It is said that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. To prostitute means to give someone the right to use the body for a sum. Do all the prostitutes sell their bodies for money only? Some might be selling their body for food, or a gift or something else. So, we can say that prostitution means selling the right to use the body for something in exchange.

I want to talk about a marriage where a woman sold her body for money and also few other things. She is the heroine of this story and lives in a conservative society, where pretenses are at times more important than truth. Our heroine was in deep love with a married man but had no guts to say so. Therefore she agreed to marry the villain of this story, a man who proposed marriage in front of her father. While getting married to this person, she cheated him. She lied to him by hiding her real love. But that is not the point of my story. Let me come to the basics.

Our heroine was married to the man/villain in full public view, so she had no reason to deny that marriage unless she divorced him. She never loved him, but carried on with this man and let him brutalize her in all the ways possible. At times, he raped her seven to eight times a night. Was this a marriage or did she sell herself like a prostitute for something?

Let me elaborate further. What did she get in return of giving away her body? Her parents had spent quite a lot of money on the wedding. If she divorced this man, her parents might have got a bad name in society. I am talking of conservative countries and not developed nations. So the first thing she gained by selling her body was the peace of mind her parents got by looking at their daughter. That peace was totally false, because the daughter was neither truthful to them nor to society. But even knowing all this, the parents had a peace of mind that the society thought about the daughter as a happily married woman. Let the reality be totally different. It were pretenses that mattered. So the first gain – False peace of mind for parents that society thought of the heroine as a happily married person.

There are many more things, all totally wrong that our heroine of the story got for selling her body. Let us look at some more. This girl had got a baby out of getting repeatedly raped by this man. The baby called this man/villain her father and it seems that the father loved the baby. Why and if it is really true, is known only to this man. But outwardly he showed love. A man who can brutally use a woman’s body repeatedly, can love anything living is impossible to comprehend. But this was shown to the society. Our heroine got her second payment as a man called father for her daughter out of rape.

What else? This man/villain said that he had no one else except our heroine in the world to call as his own. He knew it very well that the heroine was not in love with him, but had married him under compulsion of so many other factors. But he emotionally blackmailed her saying that if she left him, who else was there for him? Please therefore stay with me, keep the pretense of a married couple in public and let me rape you whenever I wish to do. The third profit was emotionally giving into the blackmail of a brute.

Let me list one more gain, though there were many more. Our heroine had no strength of character or guts to come open and say that I want to separate. She did not want to face the possibility of living alone. She did not want to lose her respect in the society. So she continued. And the biggest gain? Before I tell you about that let me add something. Our heroine was in love with someone else as I told you in the beginning. This man wanted her to come to him and denounce the marriage to the brute. He was desperate for that because he could not tolerate the rapes. They were killing him. But if our heroine does that what would she tell her daughter when she grows up? She had no guts to tell her daughter the truth. So she continued prostituting herself not only in body but also in mind, character and truth. In the whole process, she managed to kill a person who was in deep love with her and could not tolerate the rapes. She gave him a bigger blow when he realized that she believed in living a liars life forever. This man got totally broken and might have killed himself, if God had not saved him. I wonder if our heroine, the brute or the parents will ever get any peace. Untruth never gives peace but shows the path to hell.

Who is a better person? A prostitute who openly trades or our heroine? Make your own decision.

Want to Marry Rich? Tips On High-Society Dating

Want to Marry Rich? Tips On High-Society Dating

Ladies: Looking to fulfill your champagne wishes and make your caviar dreams a reality? Marry rich.

But don’t think of the pursuit of a wealthy man as shallow. According to “How To Marry A Multi-Millionaire: The Ultimate Guide To High Net Worth Dating,” by Ted Morgan and Serena Worth, the most common qualities that women desire in a man – charm, humor and intelligence, for instance – can be found in most wealthy men. As the book says, “the cash is a very nice side benefit.”

One of the first steps to marrying rich is to get on the “high net worth” dating circuit. The following tips from the book will help you find a rich suitor in no time.

* Prepare. Find out who’s rich, where these men live and their past and present entanglements. Chatting with high-society women is a great way to find out who’s on the market.

* Go where the rich go. Since many wealthy people find their mates at social events, mingle at high-end cocktail parties and charity benefits in places such as New York City, Southampton, N.Y., Aspen, Colo. and Palm Beach, Fla.

Never buy the dinner ticket, however. Dinner tickets to charity parties can range from 0 to over ,000. To avoid paying an arm and a leg, buy the after-party ticket instead.

* Find a partner in crime. If you’re uncomfortable socializing alone, take a male or female friend along to help you feel more relaxed and to arrange introductions.

* Go in as “arm candy.” Attend the party with an attractive date who is looking to find rich women. You two can work the room together and help each other meet potential mates.

“How to Marry A Multi-Millionaire: The Ultimate Guide To High Net Worth Dating” also includes such topics as how to avoid the most common high net worth dating pitfalls and how to negotiate the prenuptial agreement. The book also features a list of the richest single or divorced men in America.

If You Want To Be A Good Parent, You’ll Want To Read These Tips

If You Want To Be A Good Parent, You’ll Want To Read These Tips

Parenting is a difficult job but there is good reason for you to be optimistic. Good advice is more readily available than ever. You can try some new strategies and learn from the experiences of others. The tips you will find in this article have stood the test of time, and will give you the feeling that you are not alone in facing those parenting challenges.

Remember that you were a kid once and that it’s never easy trying to adjust to new things like a different school, a new home, etc, so it’s always important that you’re supportive if your child seems hesitant to adjust. Good parents are supportive parents willing to communicate. Parents who ignore and/or force the adjustment are in danger of losing their child’s respect.

When explaining to your children that reading is important, make sure you are setting the example. Your child needs to see you reading and know that it is both, for your enjoyment and also for getting the information that you need. Set a good example for your child and he or she will see reading as a necessity.

While going through a divorce with younger children, it is important to give them only the information that is necessary for them to understand. No excess information should be given to the young children or it could hurt their impression of the parent. Your kids should not feel any effect of their parents divorce, even though they always do.

When you are disciplining your child for a mistake that has been made, use it as an opportunity to teach your child a new lesson. Children will not learn from their mistakes if you do not take the time to explain why they were wrong. As your child ages you can also add a sentence about the consequences of their actions so they learn to understand what results their actions can cause.

Use your smart phone to help you keep track of your child’s diaper changes and feedings. You can download an application that will keep a record of what you do with your child. This is particularly useful during visits with your pediatrician; they may need to know specific details regarding your child’s routine.

Dive head first back into childhood yourself by playing with your child. Play with your child like another child would, really take a walk in their shoes. You will learn a lot about your child in the process and build a deeper bond with the child along the way.

For a great visual reminder of things that your child shouldn’t touch, come up with a sign or signal that you can place in areas where little hands aren’t allowed. A printed photo of a stop sign may be just the thing to remind your child that he or she isn’t supposed to touch or play in a cupboard or drawer.

Whatever your parenting challenges, knowing that you are not alone, and that answers to problems are available, will make you feel heartened that you can be successful as a parent. Even the best parents can make good use of the sound advice found in the article above. Start putting it into practice today, and you will make your job a little easier.

Health Benefits of Marriage and More

Health Benefits of Marriage and More

The number of marriages ending in divorce is on the rise and many couples are now starting to re-evaluate their relationships. But while the increasing statistics may be true, it is important to know some facts about marriage and how it benefits both spouses, physically, emotionally. psychologically, even financially.
According to a study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), married people were healthier for nearly every measure of health. They live longer lives, and they suffer less from heart disease, back pain, headaches, and serious psychological distress. Most married people are also less likely to get involved in smoking and heavy drinking. They even fared better on their depression tests than when they were still single.
Married couples benefit about equally from marriage, although in different ways. While both men and women live longer, happier, healthier, and wealthier lives when they are married, husbands are usually the ones to gain greater health benefits. The wives, on the other hand, get the greater financial advantages.
Although some quarters claim that the arrival of the first baby comes in between the husband and wife, thus bringing some kind of stress to the marriage, it seemed that it was just an initial effect since couples with children have a slightly lower rate of divorce than childless couples.
For most couples, the secret to a long-lasting marital relationship are commitment and companionship. They define their marriage as a product of hard work, dedication, and commitment to each other and to the institution of marriage. The most successful marriages are couples who have become friends who have compatible in interests and values.
In the past, women with higher education were less likely to get married. On the contrary, recent studies on marriage rates in the mid-1990s concluded that today’s educated women are more likely to marry despite of their older age, than their non-college peers.
Even the notion that those couples living-in together prior to marriage are able to test their compatibility for a more satisfying and lasting marriage seems to prove otherwise as they become less committed over time and more likely to call it quits when problems arise. Recent findings reveal that there may be less motivation for cohabiting couples to undergo conflict resolution. Still, others may argue that co-habitation is just like marriage, but without the “piece of paper.” However, it does not bring the benefits — in physical health, wealth, and emotional well-being — that marriage does. In terms of these benefits, cohabitants in the United States more closely resemble singles than married couples. This is due, in part, to the fact that cohabitants tend not to be as committed as married couples, and they are more oriented toward their own personal autonomy and less to the well-being of their partner.
While some feminists believe that a marriage license gives men a “license to hit” women, a large body of research shows that being unmarried and/or living with a man outside of marriage, is associated with a considerably higher risk of domestic violence for women. Moreover, married men are less likely to commit domestic violence because they are more invested in their wives’ well-being, and more integrated into the extended family and community. These social forces seem to help check men’s violent behavior.
When it comes to sexual relationship, married people have both more and better sex than do their unmarried counterparts. Not only do they have sex more often but they enjoy it more, both physically and emotionally.
With all of the above-mentioned advantages and benefits of marriage, the one area where married couples fared unsatisfactorily is with body weight. Most married men and women have the tendency to gain weight. From ages 45 to 64, three out of four married men were overweight or obese. Single men and women who had never been married were the leanest groups.
While live-in partners, divorced and separated coupled don’t get the same health benefits as happily married couples, a bad marriage can have serious negative effects on your health. Marital stress can be a strong a marker as work stress when it comes to your risk of heart disease.

Marriage Counseling: Use the Waiter Rule to Evaluate a Date or Partner

Marriage Counseling: Use the Waiter Rule to Evaluate a Date or Partner

Working my way through college, I waited tables and tended bar. Though I have several degrees with an emphasis on human behavior and psychology, I swear I learned more about people from slinging hash and pouring drinks. I can remember accidentally spilling a few drops of an ice cream drink on a lady’s skirt and being totally humiliated as she screamed at me in the restaurant. I also recall a very kind man who didn’t get upset even though there were repeated problems with his order.

Rudeness to service staff reveals information about a person’s character reported in a recent article in USA Today. Office Depot CEO Steve Odland, who also waited tables as a teenager, states, “You can tell a lot about a person by the way he or she treats a waiter.” It seems that he is not the only CEO to discover the “Waiter Rule.”

The Waiter Rule has been identified by many executives, including Raytheon CEO Bill Swanson. There is one rule that Swanson says never fails: “A person who is nice to you but rude to the waiter, or to others, is not a nice person.” Swanson first identified this phenomenon when he was eating with a man who became irate to a waiter because the restaurant did not stock a particular wine.

“Watch out for people who have a situational value system, who can turn the charm on and off depending on the status of the person they are interacting with,” Swanson writes. “Be especially wary of those who are rude to people perceived to be in subordinate roles.”

The Waiter Rule has also been noticed on the dating scene. A November survey of
2,500 by It’s Just Lunch, a dating service for professionals, found that being rude to waiters ranks No. 1 as the worst in dining etiquette. Some waiters report that women will actually pull them aside to see how much their dates tipped to obtain insight into his use of money and other tendencies.

The Waiter Rule can also apply to how people treat those in other service roles like bellmen, hotel maids, clerks and secretaries according to USA Today. This can be more indicative of someone’s character than all the charm you experience in the relationship.

Using the Waiter Rule can be an accurate predictor of character because it isn’t easily learned or unlearned. It is more likely a person’s true colors and speaks to how they were raised and their value system. How a potential partner treats a waiter may be how they will treat you.

Some behaviors that indicate a problem:

*Playing the power card. Comments like “I could buy this place,” or “Do you know who I am?” reveal more about the diner’s character than his wealth or power. It is unlikely that he will be compassionate to you if he is consumed with power and control.

*Having a short fuse. This person may have an ego that is out of control. It is a way of saying that she is better than the wait staff; she is special. These people tend not to be collaborative in relationships.

*Demanding about every detail. You may be looking at a micro-manager who consistently sends the message that your efforts are not good enough. He may be critical and demeaning rather than supportive and encouraging.

*Speaking in a condescending manner. The message here is clear; she thinks she is better than those in subordinate positions. She may have a need to feel important by putting others down.

*Making a public scene. If he embarrasses you in the restaurant, he will embarrass you at home. At best he has poor manners, at worst, his judgment is faulty. Either way, he will not make a good partner.

*Easily turning on and off the charm. These folks have situational values, which may also indicate situational ethics. People with firm character adhere to their value system regardless of the circumstances. Avoid these people like the plague.

*Constantly looking around the room. Rather than being focused on the table conversation, he is distracted and not engaged. He may be looking to see who else is there or whether he is being noticed. Regardless, he will have the same behavior with you in other settings.

*Poor tipper. She may justify leaving a poor tip with various complaints about the service or the waiter. Anyone who has ever worked in a service industry knows that it is very hard work with a low base pay. If the service is adequate, a 15% tip is customary. A twenty percent or more gratitude is standard for exceptional service.

Try using the Waiter Rule whether you are evaluating a partner in a relationship. You may save yourself a lot of future problems by dining out.

When Letting Go Becomes Difficult

When Letting Go Becomes Difficult

As a kid, were you afraid of being left alone by your mom or dad in school? Does your child throw tantrums when you leave them with someone else? Your kid might be showing signs of separation anxiety, just like you did when you were a child. Do you have an intense fear of being left by anybody you love? Do you feel intensely distressed when you lose something you like? You might be suffering from separation anxiety disorder. How does one differentiate separation anxiety from separation anxiety disorder?

Separation anxiety is a fairly common anxiety disorder that commonly affects children and young adolescents. It is a normal developmental stage that children go through when separated from their primary caregiver, like their parents or their nannies. When a child fails to outgrow his separation anxiety, it becomes separation anxiety disorder. Children with separation anxiety show it by crying, manifesting clinginess, shyness, silence, and unwillingness to interact with other people, even those to whom he is already familiar with.

Separation anxiety disorder is a psychological condition in which an individual has excessive anxiety regarding separation from home or from people to whom the individual has a strong emotional attachment (like a mother). This psychological condition affects seven percent of the adult population, and only four percent of the child population. Separation anxiety disorder manifests itself with: recurring distress when separated from a person or object of attachment, like the mother or the home); a persistent, excessive worrying about losing the subject of attachment; a persistent, excessive worrying that an event may occur which may lead to the separation from or loss of a subject of attachment; an unfounded fear of being alone without the subject of attachment; a persistent reluctance or refusal to sleep without being near a major attachment figure; or having recurring nightmares about separation.

A big differentiating factor with separation anxiety and separation anxiety disorder is that the former is temporary and is a necessary part of growing. It is essential for the child’s normal growth and development. The latter is far worse as it fails to get past the transition period and remains clingy and too attached which may prove to be detrimental and may affect the way a normal child or person functions.

Separation anxiety disorder may be triggered by traumatic experiences such as:
l A frightening experience that the child personally experiences or have heard about. (ex. earthquakes, stories of child abduction)
l A serious separation experience. (ex. parents divorce or parents serve in the military)
l Severely stressful experience within the family. (ex. a pending divorce, serious illness or death, starting over at a new school)
l A significant change that the child experiences. (changing nannies, having a new brother or sister, starting at a new school)
l An illness, be it major or minor conditions.

There’s a fine line that determines whether your child is experiencing normal separation anxiety or if he’s crossed over to having separation anxiety disorder. It is best to keep yourself informed about the differences between simple separation anxiety and the disorder to be able to keep track of your child and seek help if needed.

The Value of an Expert’s Advice

The Value of an Expert’s Advice

What is the value of an expert’s advice? I have found through experience that it is difficult to put a price on advice that comes from an expert. It is actually invaluable when you consider the cost not only in money, but also what your personal time is worth and what your stress level and lack of distraction from your important day-to-day tasks are worth. Informed decisions based on knowledge that are generally offered at no charge can save time, stress and a great deal of hassle. As an example: Hiring a plumber if you don’t know how to plumb. I tried to do my own plumbing once. I found out rather quickly, that I am not a plumber. I ended up not only ruining the faucet components I was trying to fix, but also causing water damage to my residence. When I finally did get an expert plumber to do the job, and fix the mess I had created, it cost me much more than it would have if I had hired him in the first place.

Another example is utilizing a lawyer’s advice to avoid legal chaos. When I ended my marriage a dozen years ago, I made the mistake of thinking I could get a divorce by using a “divorce kit”. This strategy may work for some, but in my case it didn’t turn out very well. Even though I did a ton of research, followed a strict time-line and meticulously dotted every “I” and crossed every “T” on the petition, I paid the price for not seeking an expert’s advice. Although I felt confident on the day of the hearing, I found myself encompassed into a war of words that made my head spin. As a result I was ordered to pay exorbitant support. Years later, when my children reached the age of maturation, and my ex-wife had remarried; it was time to file for some relief. This time I hired a lawyer. My expert’s advice was not only to end the excessive support going out, but in all fairness, to get back some of what I had been strong-armed into paying out under duress. The court agreed, and I found that I had needlessly suffered a lack of funds for many years.

Lastly, a good example is finding insurance professionals to avoid inadequate coverage or huge hassles when the time comes to cash in on a policy. Years ago, I decided to buy renters insurance to guard my home’s contents. Trying to be thrifty, I searched on the Web for the best deals. I found a Website offering the insurance at a “cut rate”, so I submitted my personal information and received an “automatic quote”. It came up on the screen rather quickly and it looked fairly generic, so I called the toll-free number provided. I wanted to find out if I should serialize, or mark my possessions in any way so they could later be identified, and also find out if I should submit a list of my personal items and the value I would place on them. The “automated insurance agent” on the other end of the line wasn’t much help, and I finally got frustrated with trying to get an actual human being to talk with. Foolishly, I signed up for the insurance and started paying the premiums, automatically withdrawn from my checking account, of course. I never actually talked to an insurance agent, although I tried several more times to do so. When my house was robbed and I turned in a claim, I found that I would only be paid pennies on the dollar and that my future premiums would be more expensive. Again, not seeking an expert’s advice proved to be costly.

Insurance, whether for life, health, home or your automobile, is considered a daunting subject by many. Most people avoid it and carry only what they are forced to have. For example, mortgage insurance because their home is financed and it’s a requirement. The very word “insurance” has a reputation and conjures up images of hours of research or sitting at the kitchen table with an agent being overwhelmed by the choices. I have found that I have a lot of apprehension towards discussing my own demise, as well as considering the need for insurance protection that benefits my loved ones upon my departure. When I was twenty-something, I laughed when someone mentioned life insurance. I saw no need for it, as I had a long way to go before I had to think about those things. If I had been smart, I would have sought an expert’s advice while I was young. I could have purchased a lifetime policy for a small amount. There is much value to advice offered to young people on this topic. I have personally found that there is a trend in the insurance industry that has taken customer service full circle, back to face-to-face and personal one-on-one attention. This valuable service, combined with the expediency of the modern age and the Internet, works very well to simplify and increase my understanding of insurance. There are good, reputable companies in which first contact on the Web leads immediately to a personal phone call from a knowledgeable and professional insurance expert that specializes in helping one understand in simple, straightforward terms, an expert’s advice.

The Meaning Of Diamond Promise Rings

The Meaning Of Diamond Promise Rings

Diamond promise rings have increased in popularity in recent years. Everyone from celebrity couples to young couples in middle America seems to have them. Promise rings come in a variety of styles and center stones. They can be given for a variety of reasons, but are mostly used by couples intending to marry sometime in the future.

The Meaning of Diamond Promise Rings

Promise rings are usually given as a symbol of love and commitment. They are often given with the intent of becoming engaged at some point in the future. When the intent is commitment and ultimately, marriage, the ring is worn on the left hand. After the engagement, the ring is often switched to the right hand.

This allows the couple to test their commitment to each other prior to making the larger commitment of becoming engaged and getting married. Couples can show their commitment to each other without rushing into an early marriage, which too often ends in divorce. With the high divorce rates, taking it slow is a good idea.

Settings and stones range from simple to extravagant. In general, these are smaller and less expensive than engagement rings. The most common stone used is a diamond in a silver or gold setting, but just about any gemstone can be used. Some use another stone in the center with small diamonds as accents. Some couples use the birthstones of the couple for a more personal statement.

While they are most often given to the woman in the relationship, they are available in your local jewelry store for men as well. This is not a common tradition, but some modern, younger couples are doing this. These rings often carry the birthstones of the couple and are often engraved with initials or a line from a favourite song.

Early Diamond Promise Rings

The Scribbler ring was seen several hundred years ago in Europe. The diamonds in the ring were used to etch messages of love on windows. The diamonds were generally small in terms of carat, but were set in a way that made them sharp and easy to use to scribble on the glass.

French and English Poesy rings date back to Shakespearean times. These were inscribed with either a line from poetry, music or other messages of love. This tradition continues in promise and wedding jewelry, which are sometimes inscribed with initials, the wedding date or other messages.

Other Reasons for Diamond Promise Rings

By far, these rings are most often given as a promise of love and commitment between a man and a woman. However, promise rings can be given for other reasons. One less common reason is in exchange for a promise to remain drug and alcohol free during the teenage years. These pledges are often sought during the spring Prom season.

In some families, they are given from parent to child in exchange for a vow of chastity. This is often seen in Christian families. The child is promising to remain chaste and to not engage in sexual activity prior to marriage. A ring is given by the parent to symbolize this promise.

Articles On Single Parenting

Articles On Single Parenting

Articles On Single Parenting Becoming Popular in Modern Days

There are many articles concerning about single parenting. Single parents need not worry on how to handle your situation as a single parent to your children.

You may search for articles like this one through various website and even in local magazines. For more brief and precise articles about single parenting, you may also visit the libraries and bookstores. Reading and understanding the articles for single parenting may give you tips and guides in handling your day-to-day relationship with your children.

Because of the growing number of people who are becoming single parents caused by break-up of marriage, teenage pregnancies, divorce and death of other partner, the publication of articles on single parenting have also increases. There is a growing demand for self-help tips in raising a child or children by a single parent.

There are articles on single parenting that focuses on a single mom or dad who lose a husband or a wife because of death. These articles help a widow or widower handle grief and how to continue their life without a partner in life.

There are also articles on single parenting that teach about proper caring of infants, toddlers and kids who are in school already. These articles cover the basic management of kids’ tantrums and their attitudes towards you as a parent and to other people. Single parents, especially teenage single mother, will also gain knowledge from these articles on single parenting such as basic childcare, bathing an infant, first aid techniques..

A woman who is expecting her first baby without a partner to help her in child rearing may also benefit from the contents of these articles on single parenting. These articles will show her to take care of her body during and after pregnancy.

It is also good for every single parent to start reading articles on single parenting and child psychology so that she could raise her child morally upright. When their child grows and starts asking questions, they must know how to answer these questions, most especially the sensitive ones. Do not take for granted the questioning of your child because you would not know the effect in the event that you ignore them.

Children who are raised in a wrecked home or are the product of a teenage pregnancy are said to be more sensitive than children who are raised in a normal home because they feel that they are the usual topic in school and in their community. You must help to cope up by searching on the articles on single parenting that will solve the problem of your child. You must obtain a regular communication with your child so that you can also monitor his companions, his favorite things to do and problems he is encountering outside your home.

There are articles on single parenting that you must disregard especially those that only confuse. Remember that articles on single parenting are written by humans only, and human are not perfect. Many authors of articles on single parenting use their opinions as their basis of writing their articles. Sometimes it is not informative.

To avoid waste of your money examine first the articles on single parenting before you purchase. Articles on single parenting must be informative, specific and goal oriented. Articles on single parenting should be informative in a way that you can gain learning, knowledge, methods, and ideas that can help you in your way of raising your child and becoming you as a better person.

Articles on single parenting must contain specific and more precise information for easy understanding. Most single parents are commonly on the lower income earner and sometimes force to stop their education to support their child. Single parents need to feed useful articles regarding single parenting that is understandable to apply the knowledge as possible.

Authors of articles on single parenting are advised to feature articles that are more on a goal-oriented topic. Every single parent goal is to secure better future for the children.

Authors may write an article on single parenting that is more inspirational in achieving their goal. They may also discuss topics that will establish their morals and strengthens their faith and give them strong determination in achieving success.

For those single parents who are cutting their cost on buying things to save for the most essential needs, they may visit public libraries near their place. They may borrow articles on single parenting that is functional for them. Single parents must not stop on learning for they will be their child’s first teacher.

Single parents must show their child that they are interested in learning to make them a role model and children will also become interested in studying and reading materials. Children of young age are very willing to attend school and learn their alphabet.

Children must gain support from the parents in also achieving the goal of their child. Education is one of the rights of the child. Do not disappoint your child. It is better to enhance the talents and abilities of children than make them useful and productive.

Articles on single parenting are great help for single parents in guiding the path of every child and make them leaders of your community.

Visitations and Divorce

Visitations and Divorce

Things have certainly changed over the years and mother’s no longer end up with custody of their children with the father getting visitations. Most courts now want both parents to be equally involved in the parenting so joint custody takes place. One parent may end up with slightly more time than they other but children do get to benefit from both parents being very involved in their lives.

This type of visitation arrangement can end up being quite difficult though. It will take some time for everyone to get used to it. Having a calendar just for that purpose can be very helpful. You can color code the days when the kids will be with each parent so that there is no confusion about it for all involved. Even young children can learn to see the different colors on the calendar and know what their day will have in store for them.

It is best if the parents are able to come up with a reasonable visitation schedule that works well for them. This way the children can benefit from it. With the schedules some adults have it isn’t possible for them to care for children in the mornings five days a week. All of that needs to be taken into account.

When parents can’t agree on a good visitation schedule though the courts will have to get involved. This often includes parenting time for a regular calendar as well as how holidays will be taken care of. Generally the children with switch holidays each year with each parent to make it as fair as possible. The exceptions are often Mother’s Day and Father’s Day which they will spend with the parent that fits that category.

Where many children end up suffering with such visitations though is due to the parents strictly following it. Children find that being with their friends is a very important part of their life. When they are missing out on social gatherings due to having to go with the other parent it can become tiresome and frustrating for them.

There are also events that will take place and children have to miss them due to going with the other parent. It can be weddings, reunions, birthdays, or vacations with one side of the family. It just isn’t possible to schedule all of these events around the visitation schedules of those family members who have gotten divorced.

It is the wise parent who is willing to give up some of their parenting time for the benefit of their children. They are willing to let them stay with the other parent a day here or there so they can attend such events. This needs to be a two sided street though with both parents being willing to bend a little. Such flexibility when it comes to the visitation schedules can take some of the horror out of a divorce for the children involved.

There are too many parents though that are very strict as to the visitation schedule that is set up. If they are to get their children at 6 pm on Friday night that is what they are going to do. They don’t take into consideration the feelings of the children when they do this. It can make children feel hurt as well as resentful though so you need to make sure you realize how such behaviors affect them.

Of course you do have to make sure you don’t get taken advantage of. If the other parent seems to have too many things planned on a regular basis that fit into your visitation time you need to discuss it with them. The children also need to realize that you can’t always change your visitations with them to allow them to attend other events. If you are very reasonable with the process though it should be able to work out for everyone involved.


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